The Team

Bill Moy

Hi, my name is Bill Moy and I am the chairman of SOBBS.

I am a former Town Councillor and have served the Town for three years as Mayor of Droitwich Spa.

Since the closure of our Lido and the successful campaign run by the SALT group to save our Lido and upon hearing of the closure of our beloved Brine Baths, I decided another group should form to save our Brine Baths.

SOBBS was formed and have worked tirelessly to resurrect our Brine Baths since it’s closure in 2008.

SOBBS have worked long and hard since then and I firmly believe we can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

With your help and encouragement we will succeed ……….THANK YOU

Steering Group Member
Cllr. Bob Brookes

I have always been fascinated by the unique geology of Droitwich, with the town sitting on a huge reservoir of pure natural brine. I am passionate about seeing the restoration of the Brine Baths which I believe will generate tourism to fuel the rejuvenation of our Town and support local business.

In my role as a Droitwich County Councillor and Town Councillor, I am actively supporting SOBBs in their work to put the ‘Spa’ back into Droitwich.

Director and Business Manager
Lee Edwards

I moved to Droitwich in 2018 inspired by the promise of the Brine Baths and have taken on a facilitation role to promote the cause. I am really looking forward to my float, I know we can do it!

Director and Steering Group Member
Sue Webber

When I moved to Droitwich Spa in 1999, it wasn’t entirely clear to me why there was a Spa in the title. The more I found out about our unique brine baths, the more it made sense that we also have pretty parks, a canal, a High Street lined with crooked buildings and even a chateau to enjoy here. I was – and still am – convinced that we have a UNIQUE heritage to be proud of, which could draw in the crowds (and generate some jobs and income for our town too)

Director and Steering Group Member
Lynne West

I campaigned with SALT for ten years until the outdoor Lido was successfully reopened. When this was achieved it was a natural thing to do to join SOBB’s to campaign to get the Brine Baths reopened. When I was very young I remember going to the Brine Baths cafe every Saturday morning and wondering what it was like in the pool. I also remember the stories of famous people and lots of Football teams who visited for health and well-being reasons. The Brine Baths were such an asset to our Town, part of our History and I intend to continue with the campaign until they are restored.

Director and Steering Group Member
Sue Rudd

Having moved to Droitwich Spa in 1997 I made regular use of the amazing, therapeutic Brine Baths. I was devastated when they suddenly closed I decided that I would like to be involved in the campaign to reinstate the baths, so in 2013, I joined SOBBS.

It is an exciting and sometimes frustrating experience but, being involved with such a passionate group of people is very rewarding, and crucial to secure the heritage of Droitwich Spa. 

We are determined to make this happen

Director and Treasurer
Sue Petford

I derived a lot of value when came to the baths, first with a physio on doctors recommendation and then weekly under my own steam so I understand exactly how beneficial they are. I joined SOBBS as I really miss them and want them back!